Machine intelligence and smart data visualizations

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We use machine learning and natural language processing to make better predictions and design chatbots.


We use advanced data mining & machine learning tehniques to understand and visualize your data automatically.


Jdash allows you to add drag-drop dashboards into your product. Visit for more information.

Some examples of what we can do for you —

As being a machine intelligence & data visualization company we can add artificial intelligence to your existing applications. We can analyse your data and automatically generate smart data visualizations. You can also use our dashboard framework Jdash to add drag-drop dashboards into your applications.

Modern Javascript Dashboard

Complete solution for adding drag-drop dashboards into your application.

Easy to Use

Start using JDash in minutes!
Use tutorial or online demo to get started.

Integrates Into Your App Seamlessly

Fully customizable with no dependencies. Ingelligently fits in your app.

Complete Solution

JDash is fully customizable and has no dependencies. You can use built-in styles for known frameworks (Bootstrap/Material etc) or use your own styles.

Flexible Licensing

We provide two licensing models. You can choose at Jdash Cloud or install Jdash backend platform on your servers based on your requirements.

See it in Action

Open source dashboard demo application demonstrates many features of JDash. You can download and customize demo application easily to start your first JDash app.

A sample dashboard